PPendle Witch Experience Tours 2019

Group Coach Tours of Lancashire, highlighting the villages
and countryside all around Pendle Hill that will astound you

Please note  except at Halloween  all our tours around the
Pendle Hill area are for organised groups of over 25 people 
or a minibus tour for up to 7 people but not for individuals.

Pendle Witch Country ©Tour

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble Heh Heh Heh !!! Are you brave enough to hear a chilling tale that echoes down the ages. Our tour tells the story of the most famous witchcraft trial in English history. Hear of dark deeds and wicked plots as you visit where it all happened, in an area that has changed little in 400 years. A tour guide unfolds a witches brew of stories that will freeze the blood.

The Pendle Witch Discoverie©  Tour

This is a 3 Hour Tour which does not just tell the story of the Pendle Witches but also takes you around all the beautiful countryside around  both sides of Pendle Hill.  The countryside has changed little since the 1600's and whether the sun shines or the clouds unfold, this atmospheric landscape will take your breath away. See tour page for further details

Our  principal tour guide for 2019 is  Brenda Kean B.A(Hons).
She is the owner of the Pendle Witch Experience Tour company. Having lived in the area for over 37 years she enjoys showing people  this wildly beautiful and  historic part of the world.
Brenda's Honours degree is in 
History  and Literature

She is also a professional Travel Photographer with over 150,000 images for sale with 9 photo agencies .

To see her  international portfolio
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Email  pendlewitchexperience@yahoo.co.uk

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